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More evidence of price fixing in Hoole, Chester by the countries top probate lawyer has come to light today as can be seen in this graphic below.

Price Fixing in Hoole Chester image.

More evidence of price fixing in Hoole Chester, so here we have proof that Bartlett’s of Chester/Liverpool and the super dooper BLM Law duo of James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard who broke a December 2019 Liverpool high court ruling by judge Hodge not once not twice but 3 times so far for 32 Hoole Road.

Cavendish Residential in Chester wanted to sell it for offers over £800,000 but 2 weeks on the market reduced it to £500,000 if your local just ask them why before you become another victim?

Probate Scam is not in anyway saying all these properties other than 32 Hoole Road is not worth it but come on how is it possible that 32 can be almost half its price is not at all possible.

Of course would anyone give Prichard and Beresford any credit for first using a fraudulent RICS valuation they both stated in court documents they were NOT using that report but failed totally to get another one done before placing it on the open market shows clear price fixing in order to help their friends not to say anything about destroying neighbouring properties future values.

This is not a victimless crime, they need lots of so-called fellow professionals to hoodwink the public into thinking at worst its just an one off when its in reality widespread legal fraud.

When we first broke this story on Charlotte Pritchard deleted all her social media linking her and James but we took screen captures before publishing, unlucky!

James Beresford then became a client of his own firm boy they had this boy good and he was a partner at the time so either he knew it was wrong or he was deliberately parachuted in to do the dirty on this property.

We heard today MA the police detective (that looks after local crimes against the elderly) that gains in this probate where Cheshire police fails to investigate him, had possible links to this guest house before Mrs Banks fell ill, yes we find out everything Michael.

Why would he use Bartlett’s when everyone locally complains of him and when he knows he was fined by his regulator for £300,000 in the past makes no professional sense.

Anyone reading this will suddenly know wow so many parts needs to be linked for this to work, well we are only scratching the surface much more to come let us assure you all.

P Bartlett & Co. now trying same trick at 30 Hoole Road (yes we have proof in his hand writing already in court documents) claims its only worth 400k, really he should be the next presenter on Come on Down show Bargains of the Century?

Check this out the full current list prices of Hoole Road Chester House Prices and Statistics on HOOLE ROAD, CHESTER (

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How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



James Beresford the star of the legal 500 and STEP Northwest probate and estates pinup boy fails to appear for a court date in London today.

In fact the BLM compliance team also failed to even step in for the golden boy of English probate, so it must be true BLM got rid before the CLYDE & Co merger with BLM.

Oh well nothing new here as poor James was on a hiding to nothing that even his so-called superior skills could not overcome it seems the writing is on the wall for the Amazon best seller telling the world about his virtues of the art in the deal of probate matters.

Where-ever he is lets hope for the sake of his new clients he’s not in probate or estate management anyone that breaks a court order not once but three times in the space of 2 years really can’t sleep a wink at nights, yes we know how does one proof that statement?

Easy his only job was to protect the first removed executor P. Bartlett of Chester who valued 32 Hoole Road,  Chester at £450,000 when it had a zoopla value at £1.3m.

Enter Beresford who was appointed by the Northwest Law Society 2020 who claimed it was only worth 500k and used a very dodgy surveyor from 63 miles away in Preston to give a valuation of only £345,000 for a 10 bedroom 8 bathroom property (probate scam).  Now RICS has taken over 1 year of investigations into this valuation scam.

First Beresford lists 32 Hoole Road for 450k the son of the property complained and SDL auctions got cold feet at changed it to 500K as shown below.


SDL got told by a master of the rolls building if they only sold it for less than the 7450k court order of Dec 19 they would be liable for the losses so they bailed out and dropped the sale even though they stated they had a bidder for nearly 6 months.

The next 6 months a property next door less than half the size sold for £750,000 on the open market would anyone want James Beresford as their executor???

Then James Beresford was forced to agree to an UNDERTAKING not to sell for less than 750k so he instructed Cavendish to market property at 750k as shown below.


2 weeks later and remember Cavendish Chester wanted £800,000 min he decided to drop the price again to 500K this guy is a living probate scammer nightmare this is why BLM had to get rid of him before this CLYDE & Co Merger.

Screen captures are a nightmare for CLYDE & Co, BLM Law, Cavendish Residential and James Beresford but these probate Scammers from hell are on borrowed time but there countless other up standing legal professionals abusing this massive money grab with little to no comeback for victims of Probate Scams such as these with Liverpool’s Lord Hodge deep in this mire.

Its the duty of every executor to maximise the estates value Beresford tries and does the exact opposite at every opportunity?  We ask again why did he do this, who was he protecting, why did BLM law and Charlotte Pritchard not Stop it happening?

The only conclusion is they are all part of the probate scamming playbook and simply can not be trusted!


How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



Poor Charlotte Pritchard has been left in the lurch again by an even poorer James Beresford EX BLM Law Partner and doing his dirty work at 32 Hoole Road Chester.

James Beresford the so called star of probate law in the English northwest has been binned by BLM or the other way around but who cares he’s gone at long last.

Perhaps he was forced to be the worst legal 500 lawyer ever, perhaps BLM had something on him where he managed to break not 1 court order but 3, yes 3 including one UNDERTAKING just incredible in this day and age.

Perhaps he was damaged goods in the upcoming merger with CLYDE & CO like we say who cares now?

The story now reverts to Charlotte Pritchard and Ass solicitor who had more than a few dirty hands working alongside Beresford that she deleted all her social media accounts to tie up any lose ends in her working relationship with Beresford.

So it looks like her or a partner at BLM decided that after the Northwest law society probate nominee and super doper probate lawyer Beresford left his post the hapless lot left at BLM decided oh no what are we going to do with all that property we lifted from 32 Hoole Road Chester put into storage then told the client you never picked it up so we destroyed it.

Yes this is what CLYDE & Co has to look forward to working with these utter clowns.

Of course if our thousands of followers are following this probate farse of a case on International Scotland where its obvious price fixing this property to the tune of up to £1m its no great surprise now is it?

So they are now in the frame for misrepresenting a court appointed solicitor by claiming they had the sole rights to contact poor Dr M Jones the main benefactor of the estate but then again perhaps they (blm law) is more concerned about vicarious liability, this is getting more and more bizarre by the day.

Perhaps Clyde & Co can investigate how Charlotte told SDL Auctions with the help of Peter R in Manchester how easy it was to hoodwink the Liverpool Probate Court, don’t take our word for it all this was released by SDL Auctions after a released Dr Jones FOI request, just shocking!

An officer of the court hoodwinking judges and helping in the legal fraud with this legal500 and STEP rep James Beresford rip off an estate value by nearly £500,000 great deal for Bartlett and Friends in Chester.

Read more on a dedicated probate scam web portal, got a story please contact the team over there?