Property Price Fixing Hoole Road Chester.

Property Price Fixing Hoole Road Chester.

This is where it all started for us in 2015 at 32 Hoole Road, Chester where the first solicitor in this nightmare of a probate scam in order to rip off the family to the tune of around £1m.


Property Price Fixing Hoole Road Chester so anyone heard of Bartlett's of Chester 
or the equally depressing estate agents Mathew Lewis, not to worry you will by the time the book and film rights are released.

When your about to be probate Scammed first you need to educate yourselves what other services needs to be in place for any alleged legal fraud to take place.

1/ So-called probate law firm.

2/ Local Estate agents to confirm their original property valuation that the so-called expert probate law firm gave.

3/ Called on out of the area price fixing RICS enablers just to make sure the courts are on side.

4/ Local authority insiders that could rack up care bills that gets the law firm in the front door,

5/ Chartered accountants that can point number 1 at the right targets and HOOLE ROAD CHESTER had lots of rich targets.

6/ Very friendly GP’s that can be leaned on to trap the elderly targets in nursing homes, write up fake medical diagnosis and medical notes.

7/ Funeral directors that knows the scam but to scared to say anything.

8/ Police Detectives in charge of investigating such crimes to make sure no-one gets nosey and keeps the honey pot going by enabling all the above services are never even looked at or even questioned.

9/ If anyone does suspect there’s fraud as they say who you going to call?  Well no-one but us at as we know their entire playbook.

Now you may perhaps be thinking to yourselves no-way well there’s even such a policeman that Chester shire refuses to investigate and just so happens to be a minor family member at the probate scam at 32 Hoole Road imagine that!

Screen captures are a great tool and we are going to show you it all.