Boy oh boy there we have it, if the legal community and its end users thought the merger with Clyde and Co with BLM was going to be a breath of fresh air they are going to be very disappointed.

Today Dr Jones got his FOI request for information sent on the 22nd of Jan, yes 5 months ago that they were refusing to answer any questions relating to Dr Jones or the estate at 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

They had many reasons to refuse none of which was accurate or true but here is there last reason: You are targeting a particular employee against whom you have a personal grudge 

Now lets examine that statement; On the day the data controller writes James Beresford has been gone for nearly three months but as Beresford was a client of the firm now Clyde & Co does this mean he’s still a client of firm or are they just more concerned with the vicarious liability actions coming their way very soon?

Besides its rather curious that a company such as CLYDE & CO would protect ex dodgy probate partners and especially since when Beresford left the closed the entire probate department, what on earth are they trying to hide from the said Data in the first place?

We think the CEO of Clyde & Co should step in and order an internal enquiry before this merger becomes a bit of a joke, we know we can help them answer all enquiries they have on the probate of 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

STOPPRESS; A law C & C trainee just sent this link to us with many thanks and claiming James Beresford was binned can someone please confirm the same?

EXCLUSIVE Clyde & Co to make BLM’s salaried partners reapply for roles | RollOnFriday

More info for our international readers: 

BLM is merging with Clyde & Co. The two firms will operate as a merged entity from 1 July 2022 under the name “Clyde & Co”. With effect from that date, the business of BLM will be transferred to Clyde & Co.

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