How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



It’s not the case for Chester perhaps being the center of the probate scams it most deafeningly is the most prolific probate theft area in the UK.

Not only have recent reports shown countless mysterious deaths in the area but Hoole Road seems the most likely place in Chester to have the estate’s wealth being most likely subject to probate scams.

Take the area around 32 Hoole Road for example a property first controlled by one of Chester’s many probate law firms Bartletts (Liverpool) where P. Bartlett ran up a 100k care bill just in order to control the will’s.

He did this for 4 years before being forced to remove himself from the case but still managed to run up an 80k legal bill when the actual care bill was less than 10k beggars belief!

This is the same group of law firms that was finned several years earlier by the law regulators for scamming their clients and was fined 300k.

Why are law firms allowed to carry out probate work and why the SRA protects and utterly fail to regulate law firms that rack up huge legal work bills when in reality do no real legal work at all?

Then we come to the scarlet pimpernel and now missing in action the best so-called probate expert in the land Mr. James Beresford who replaced P. Bartlett by the North West of England head of the law society using a Hotmail account we kid you not.

Now that very same office claims it’s not our fault gov things have gone very wrong!

These people have no shame and probate scams that are on the rise and the people that can help families are the very ones making sure the scammers are allowed to practice so are they part of the problem are they on the same gravy train of acts of fraud?

We can only report what we find it’s up to the police and others to stop these actions but it looks like those that do these terrible acts are so well embedded into the system is difficult to get anyone to listen.

But that perception among the probate scammed community is changing fast and all the main probate actor’s jail terms are becoming a real prospect in the near future.

Let’s get back to 32 Hoole Road Chester 2 offers of £1m were rejected by the top probate lawyer in the UK.

Not only that he got a no-one Preston-based Surveyor to value a £1.2m at only 345k submitted that to a judge in Liverpool git caught red-handed admitted it was wrong and never ordered a local report and has now broken a Tomblin order od Dec 2019 for a minimum selling price of not less than 750K for wait for it, 490k on the 7th July 2022.

So the top legal 500 probate expert refuses 2 written offers of £1m and ends up selling it in a private (price fixing deal) for less than half that price, a great deal for friends of friends if your part of the gang turns out its the same buyer who has been trying to get this property from day one. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SCAM UP!

SDL Auctions claims legal fraud by stating they sold the property and now blaming Cavendish Residential in Chester where they stated they also sold the same property at the same time.

One thing is for sure if Bartlett or Beresford ever gets to be the executor of your family’s estates would your family trust them as it turns out their regulators are in the process of doing the right things now but too little too late?

But if we did give James any benefit of the doubt he did want out of the case 4 months after taking it on and since then no one knows where he is and he’s never turned up in any court he could be in cement for all we know but he did become a client of his own firm at BLM Law and now the merger law firm CLYDE and Co is representing this clown now.

So who really knows what they have on him at this point or the other way around, strange or what?

What is even stranger is the fact the courts and lawyers won’t release the statement of the estate’s accounts which by the way is meant to be a legal requirement!

It’s absolutely crazy how many probate actors are in the field to stop any actions legal or otherwise to commit probate and estate thefts from happening and this now requires an independent judicial review and not by any judge from a probate law background. 

Our investigation of Chester will continue till the whole truth and nothing but is laid to rest the probate fight carries on.




How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



We at has formally asked the SDL Auctions marketing manageress for information after they released damming information from a FOI regarding 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

Dear E. it appears your giving your colleagues at SDL wrong and misleading information regarding Dr. Jones and it seems your all unaware this property had a Tomlin Order attached from Liverpool Dec 2019 that stated the property at 32 Hoole Road,  Chester CAN NOT BE SOLD FOR LESS THAN £750,000!

SDL one way or another failed to market the property for the correct price therefore rightly or wrongly they yet again damaged its footprint by marketing it for circa 500k, was you aware that this constitutes legal fraud E—-?

Are you further aware only one person that was legally authorised to sell this property and can you please confirm to Probate Scam who you or SDL thinks this is?

Are you also aware they are now posted as missing in action.

What SDL failed to inform you that the injunction against SDL the first time was not as clear cut as was told to you as the judge at the hearing stated clearly that if the property was sold by SDL at the time for less than the Tomlin order (which is a binding legal contract) SDL can be sued for the difference and given the seller refused 2 written offers of over £1m.

This was the main reason they pulled the plug on the deal at the time because the SDL marketing team never knew the wool was being pulled over their eyes by the selling agent and yet again its happened, it seems price fixing is still alive and well at SDL?

At least one of the smarter SDL managers noticed there was we quote something afoot here!

There is of course yet another problem for your client SDL was you further aware only Cavendish were allowed to sell it but they like SDL stated the property was sold before it actually was and by private sale which means to the casual looker, the entire thing stinks of PRICE FIXING and you have the cheek to worry about Dr Jones saying the truth about SDL.

At best you have all been hoodwinked by the selling agent, at worst there’s a better than good chance your all going to prison for legal fraud!

SDL has or should have this on file so we ask for an official press statement before we publish this open letter we request the following.

1/ Why did SDL NOT follow the Tomlin Order or was they not informed yet again that there was one in place?

2/ Who or what person in particular told you it was sold privately and at what price? Cavendish stated on their website 7 weeks ago that they sold it!

3/ Was you aware the selling agent is NOT currently insured to carry out this work when they instructed SDL the second time?

4/ Were you aware you had no legal right to market this property other than cavendish by order of Judge Hodge LIVERPOOL court?

You wrote this question to L–y. Wanted to flag to you from a compliance/legal point of
view – at what point does this become defamatory/libelous?

Your answer is NEVER  when the truth is told why do you think the selling agent has disappeared?

This letter will also be sent to all search engines and twitter compliance departments as Dr. Jones rights of reply.

PLEASE SEE THE SCREEN grab where SDL seems to be claiming legal fraud by means of getting a fee from the estate whether any work is actually carried out or not was you aware of this Ellie Claiming auction fees for no-work carried out?

Screen grab will be published if no reply from SDL is forthcoming in a timely manner (5 working days).

UPDATE – SDL read it passed to the directors of this discredited auction house and so-far refused to comment to probate Scam news desk.

If you have had any dealings good or bad on the above, we would love too here from you, please comment below?

How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



SDL Auctions sells 32 Hoole Road yet again despite dropping it altogether 2 years ago when they were told there was a Tomlin order in place for selling it for no less than 750k.

That order is still in place to this day and shows how corrupt SDL really was the last time by listing it at the same 500k price.


Just so we spell out just how corrupt all this has become we have the last estate agents Cavendish listing it 9 months ago for 750k when they wanted 800k and 3 weeks later dropped it to 500k.

For the last 9 months it was on their website as sale agreed but 2 weeks ago transferred the sale back to SDL for a quick sale that was not allowed under the Tomlin order of December 2019!


What is even more bizarre is the fact the court appointed executer is no longer on planet earth and no one knows where he is including the SRA so who instructed SDL auctions,

The biggest surprise was the main benefactor has been told zip, nada, zilch, nothing at all shows just how corrupt probate law in England has become and SDL and Cavendish Residential should hang their heads in utter shame.

Of course when SDL dropped the sale 2 years ago they got caught out by BLM Law’s Charlotte Pritchard the earn girl for Beresford who wrote a memo to SDL telling SDL “Don’t worry about selling it cheap 250k less as we can easily hoodwink the courts” as was released by SDL in a FOI!

There really is no hiding place now for SDL, Cavendish, Beresford and BLM (CLYDE & Co) all now stands accused of being Probate Scammers?

More on this probate scam here.


How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



Probate theft is the perfect crime here in the UK where the only victim is the deceased family members.

Yes it’s true and all the regulators that govern all the so-called professionals from solicitor firms, estate firms, doctors, hospitals, care homes, court enablers and undertakers are all part of the probate cartel.

What our several years of research shows it only takes a few of the above disciplines to come together and plot to steal a properties wealth and no-one will say a word.

It’s the perfect business model to defraud an deceased families estate/s wealth.

So lets assume for the sake of creating the perfect probate crime.

First they have to target a victim that’s easy as soon as you head to a law firm and give your will details and if your very very rich your in their system.

Now before other law firms start jumping up and down we are talking about legal fraud here not the majority of decent law firms but as you never call the bad ones out your as guilty as the dodgers in your industry period, you have a duty of care to report it but you know the police wont do anything so what is the point!

So this is how it works in practice for all that’s looking for advice on whether they think they about to become a probate victim and could include all of the available tricks set out below.

So first the scammers usually get control before death this includes local doctors and health care officials telling the lawyers or lawyers asking them for potential targets.

They do this in order to change or amend wills this is one of the most lucrative ways for lawyers to takeover estates without family members even becoming aware of it and its where the term dementia fraud comes from!

So in this probate scam the doctor states there’s a mental incapacity of some sort and the solicitors start changing things but only for their benefits not the family and once they get their teeth in your doomed.

Then your loved one is in a nursing or care home or hospital and before you know it they are using every excuse going you can’t see your loved ones as much as you like.

Lack of food and fluids means a quick end but the tip is 2 fold take in food and drink and taste their water if its foul take a sample and get it tested by environmental health for free or privately.

Second if you don’t think a loved one is as bad as you were told get a second opinion.

So your beloved has passed whether naturally or hastened the next thing the solicitor firms do is rack up their legal fees then they try and undervalue the property tip get your own valuation done privately most dodgy values are a half to one third the true value.

This because homes under the hammer tv program shows exactly why property gets sold so cheap and then a few months later resells for a small fortune all done to get their cut both in the sell and resell its a con on industrial scale and no-one cares.

They get away with it by using registered corrupt RICS surveyors that are open to offers for their valuations when they present the documents to the courts and probate office it all gets rubber stamped and no one is any the wiser?

The next trick is with-holding the HMRC account files so the families are clueless as to what is really going on, courts won’t help you and neither will, you guessed it HMRC they don’t listen to complaints, the probate office wont help either…

Back to the undertakers when your loved ones turn up at there’s all dehydrated and underfed they tell no-one as they know they might be the next targets.

Everyone in this game is either part of it all or knows exactly what goes on but we think its so widespread in England even the good guys knows they can’t win one reason why the SRA gets zero good reviews they can’t even fake good ones.

If the solicitors regulators do nothing except go after the little guys what is the point of them regulating, RICS has taken 2 years to investigate our live ongoing case and if A.L does loads of under valuations in that time that’s down to them and he valued a £1.2 m property at only £345,000 that was down to him and the then best probate lawyer in the land Mr James Beresford of BLM Law now CLYDE & Company as he submitted it as court evidence then was forced by the same court to reject it but never instructed another valuation because that would have showed the crime/fraud just shameful actions by a S.T.E.P. regional probate officer now binned by them for a yet unknown reason. Bad boy!

So what can you do if you suspect your the next victim do everything by email and create a paper trail of legal fraud, report it to the police if no action complain to professional standards report every concern to their regulators and take out private law suits if you can afford to lose the money as you will.

Report your case here and we will publish it for free and name and shame the more understands what is really going on the less it will happen to others.


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How To Spot A Probate Scam.



This is how to spot a probate scam or fraud its not an exhaustive list but it sure points the way to most probate scams on the elderly.

How to spot a probate scam.
this is how one might spot a probate crime of the elderly in the world of probate scams.







So we start with the elderly in this prime example of how the lawyers grab the estates loot and NOT to the family.

First they need a reason to control the wills by legal default first they will inform any living relatives they need to be involved to protect the state and make sure HMRC (UK TAX AUTHORITIES) gets there just dues.

This usually untrue but just a means to their ends very little they do is for your benefits.

The probate laws in most countries are very tough but the courts and judges do whatever they can to simply ignore such case law, if one notices very few case laws on probate has been of late.

First open to abuse of the elderly is get them diagnosed with dementia or other brain disorders this way its much easier to control the casefile if you suspect this is not the case get a second opinion without delay not even a day later.

Whatever the probate scam or frauds don’t assume the regulators from the SRA or estates or any of them to help you, they are not their to protect you but the business period – don’t believe us check out the SRA on Trustpilot?

For the lawyer to win the families heart and minds first they have to give you an official RICS valuation – how on earth would they tell lies well quite easily, we have an ongoing complaints with RICS that is over 12 months old and it took them 11 months to first as the surveyor anything at all.

That complaint was about a 10 bed 8 bathroom guesthouse being valued at only £345,000 after Zoopla claimed it was £1.2m big difference and the firm never even knew he done the job for BLM Law.

That was one James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard poor Beresford is now off to pastures new but we will keep an eye out for him.

Hes famous for asking for a caveat being placed on the property to stop it being sold for over 1m when all he wanted to do was sell it for less than half price.

By the way only direct family members can add a caveat but then even the national probate office failed to act!

How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



Cavendish Residential Chester sells when Royal Courts of Justice appeal case is still ongoing shows the level of utter unprofessionalism and would you trust this Chester based estate agent.

Cavendish Residential Chester sells for 500k with royal court of appeals case ongoing image.
How stupid can an estate agent become selling a property with an ongoing royal courts of justice appeal.

Cavendish Residential Chester has done it again with 32 Hoole Road they have damaged the value of that property just like SDL Auctions did when they tried to sell the property for over 250k less than a stated Tomlin order from Dec 2019.

Not bad for their friends of the estate agents if they ever get away with the probate crime, but they wont!

Cavendish Residential says nothing they don’t reply now they say its sold if that was true then they have no reasons not to speak out of course breaking the Tomlin order is only the start of a whole world of hurt.

Not only that after they got the SDL alleged buyer again they never took any more offers, we have claimed reports others have tried to buy and told to go away.

Cavendish Residential stated it was worth over 800k at least (we have a directors email) yet 3 weeks later they stated a price was agreed.

Just shocking not to mention they had notice there was a royal courts of justice appeal in London to remove the executer James Beresford then BLM now sacked or otherwise gone so they have no right in law or otherwise to claim the property is sold now?

Massive legal damages will now start to be in motion we have no-doubt hopefully their liability insurance is full up to date.


How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



RICS complaint handling or investigations into undervaluing estates are as corrupt as hell if the RICS official investigation is anything to go by with the 32 Hoole Road RICS Complaint.

Over 1 year of the investigation where the now second executer and vanished of the planet James Beresford instructed a little known chartered surveyor Mr A.L of Charles Parker Bennet in Preston.

That’s correct one of the countries largest probate law firms in the land based in Manchester hired a no-one surveyor in Preston to travel 63 miles from his firms base when the firm had no idea he was even there, in fact when we talked to them directly they point blank said its not possible we don’t do work in Chester!

Surprise, surprise time again oh yes he did but it gets stranger when we asked to speak to the sole director Susan Bennett no one at the firm knew who she was???

Anyway this story is about RICS and their so called investigations AL decided this once Zoopla valued £1.2m property in 2019 was only worth wait for it, yes £345,000.

Undervalued by at least a factor of 3 times. Great investment opportunity if Beresford and his mates to profit from?

Of course we here you all say including the brand reputation managers that jump up and down getting bad press removed by the search engines, well we have it all in writing.

Why would AL do it, well three days after he gave Beresford and Pritchard (BLM LAW) this manipulated undervalued report he jacked in his job and went to work for the police in the same office as M.A a senior elderly crime detective inspector and now the breaker of a Tomlin order not to mention a deceased family member that gains from the probate, you really cant make this stuff up.

RICS claims to start with no-problem here gov, then when they knew we knew how to join the dots they panicked and they have now had their TOP team on the case yet last month we only just found out that a few days earlier they made their first approach to AL are they kidding.

All legitimate surveyors in the Chester are is saying this valuation given is frankly legal fraud all estate agents in Chester says this is fraud THE only job-worth’s yes the professional body that’s supposed to be looking after jo-publics wealth says no probs here GOV!

Last year there was purge at RICS most top directors were forced out of office due to claims of internal corruption and theres reports of over 14000 complaints each year of wrongful valuations that’s around £5-10b worth of crime or profits for probate scammers.

If probate Scammers can control the value of probate and estates the more they can rip off the estates and keep the profits when their partners in crime buy it cheap sell it high and split the proceeds.

How would anyone know, they make the TV program UNDER THE HAMMER look like BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY!!!

This is one of the ways that probate scams start if you think the value of your parents home is to cheap then your right insist on a second opinion by a national estate company like Savills for example.

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How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



National Banks Probate Scams are just as bad as official lawyers at making sure the probate gravy train continues and anything they can do to block access to courts through cutting out access to monies will be carried out.

32 Hoole Road example was exactly that this time it was the NATWEST BANK PLC doing all they can to help the disgraced STEP big hitter James Beresford, now it goes without saying and a tip if you think your lawyer is at it they all require to get a court order to access your deceased bank accounts.

Not with Beresford all he did was contact the bank told them he wanted the £48,500 that the NATWEST rightly gave Dr Jones 9 months earlier into a wholly seperate and private NATWEST account.

Removed it without permission or notice and just sent it to BLM without a court order and till this day has not returned it to its rightful owner Dr Jones as it was a business guest house account still being used as such.

Even after the bank regulator told the bank to give it back THEY HAVE NOT!

Of course like everything on the web how does this probate scam website prove the above is in fact true, easy NATWEST PAID COMPONSATION OF £250 to Dr Jones for doing it, you can’t make this stuff up!


How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



More evidence of price fixing in Hoole, Chester by the countries top probate lawyer has come to light today as can be seen in this graphic below.

Price Fixing in Hoole Chester image.

More evidence of price fixing in Hoole Chester, so here we have proof that Bartlett’s of Chester/Liverpool and the super dooper BLM Law duo of James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard who broke a December 2019 Liverpool high court ruling by judge Hodge not once not twice but 3 times so far for 32 Hoole Road.

Cavendish Residential in Chester wanted to sell it for offers over £800,000 but 2 weeks on the market reduced it to £500,000 if your local just ask them why before you become another victim?

Probate Scam is not in anyway saying all these properties other than 32 Hoole Road is not worth it but come on how is it possible that 32 can be almost half its price is not at all possible.

Of course would anyone give Prichard and Beresford any credit for first using a fraudulent RICS valuation they both stated in court documents they were NOT using that report but failed totally to get another one done before placing it on the open market shows clear price fixing in order to help their friends not to say anything about destroying neighbouring properties future values.

This is not a victimless crime, they need lots of so-called fellow professionals to hoodwink the public into thinking at worst its just an one off when its in reality widespread legal fraud.

When we first broke this story on Charlotte Pritchard deleted all her social media linking her and James but we took screen captures before publishing, unlucky!

James Beresford then became a client of his own firm boy they had this boy good and he was a partner at the time so either he knew it was wrong or he was deliberately parachuted in to do the dirty on this property.

We heard today MA the police detective (that looks after local crimes against the elderly) that gains in this probate where Cheshire police fails to investigate him, had possible links to this guest house before Mrs Banks fell ill, yes we find out everything Michael.

Why would he use Bartlett’s when everyone locally complains of him and when he knows he was fined by his regulator for £300,000 in the past makes no professional sense.

Anyone reading this will suddenly know wow so many parts needs to be linked for this to work, well we are only scratching the surface much more to come let us assure you all.

P Bartlett & Co. now trying same trick at 30 Hoole Road (yes we have proof in his hand writing already in court documents) claims its only worth 400k, really he should be the next presenter on Come on Down show Bargains of the Century?

Check this out the full current list prices of Hoole Road Chester House Prices and Statistics on HOOLE ROAD, CHESTER (

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How To Spot A Probate Scam. Probate Scam



James Beresford the star of the legal 500 and STEP Northwest probate and estates pinup boy fails to appear for a court date in London today.

In fact the BLM compliance team also failed to even step in for the golden boy of English probate, so it must be true BLM got rid before the CLYDE & Co merger with BLM.

Oh well nothing new here as poor James was on a hiding to nothing that even his so-called superior skills could not overcome it seems the writing is on the wall for the Amazon best seller telling the world about his virtues of the art in the deal of probate matters.

Where-ever he is lets hope for the sake of his new clients he’s not in probate or estate management anyone that breaks a court order not once but three times in the space of 2 years really can’t sleep a wink at nights, yes we know how does one proof that statement?

Easy his only job was to protect the first removed executor P. Bartlett of Chester who valued 32 Hoole Road,  Chester at £450,000 when it had a zoopla value at £1.3m.

Enter Beresford who was appointed by the Northwest Law Society 2020 who claimed it was only worth 500k and used a very dodgy surveyor from 63 miles away in Preston to give a valuation of only £345,000 for a 10 bedroom 8 bathroom property (probate scam).  Now RICS has taken over 1 year of investigations into this valuation scam.

First Beresford lists 32 Hoole Road for 450k the son of the property complained and SDL auctions got cold feet at changed it to 500K as shown below.


SDL got told by a master of the rolls building if they only sold it for less than the 7450k court order of Dec 19 they would be liable for the losses so they bailed out and dropped the sale even though they stated they had a bidder for nearly 6 months.

The next 6 months a property next door less than half the size sold for £750,000 on the open market would anyone want James Beresford as their executor???

Then James Beresford was forced to agree to an UNDERTAKING not to sell for less than 750k so he instructed Cavendish to market property at 750k as shown below.


2 weeks later and remember Cavendish Chester wanted £800,000 min he decided to drop the price again to 500K this guy is a living probate scammer nightmare this is why BLM had to get rid of him before this CLYDE & Co Merger.

Screen captures are a nightmare for CLYDE & Co, BLM Law, Cavendish Residential and James Beresford but these probate Scammers from hell are on borrowed time but there countless other up standing legal professionals abusing this massive money grab with little to no comeback for victims of Probate Scams such as these with Liverpool’s Lord Hodge deep in this mire.

Its the duty of every executor to maximise the estates value Beresford tries and does the exact opposite at every opportunity?  We ask again why did he do this, who was he protecting, why did BLM law and Charlotte Pritchard not Stop it happening?

The only conclusion is they are all part of the probate scamming playbook and simply can not be trusted!