Name and Shame Your Probate Scammer.

Name and Shame Your Probate Scammer.

If you want to name and shame your probate scammer your not only helping yourself but other potential victims of a probate scam in your area.

Are you the victim of over-charging solicitors firms are they racking up huge legal fees from inventing charges on debts that never existed to start with, this is a very common trick they do.

Yes we here you saying how is that even possible in this day and age well its easy if you happen to live in the north west of England, we have found there are so many enablers within the system your on a hiding to nothing.

We have personal experience that probate courts give a helping hand to make sure these crimes continues by constant breaking of court orders or undertakings (injunctions) by judge Hodge at the Liverpool probate court.

Its quite scary when you find out how deep these probate scams go but it is the fastest growing the legal scams in the legal world.

The larger this community grows the quicker everyone gets justice and there just dues so you can all play your own small part by altering others in your own community to the dangers of probate scams.

Please email your horror probate story in the first instance to;

We will go first heres the not so wonderful Mr James Beresford who was reported to the SRA (failed to do anything amd utterly useless just like trustpilot has proven) STEP did nothing (nothing new there) even to BLM Law (now thats another story).

Heres his swan song his slogan should read NO WILL, WHO CARES it would now save your estate anyway!

James Beresford book - no will, no say image.
James Beresford book – no will, no say image.
Charlotte Pritchard BLM Law Estates and wills image.
Charlotte was Beresford’s partner in this probate scam of 32 Hoole Road she was outed by a FOI and SDL auctions put her in the frame with her links to Peter Robinson’s in Manchester. It seems she’s now in charge at BLM she might know where all the bodies are buried?


An obvious crime.
Because I want you to witness this crime and help me stop it, I’ll write it in a straightforward, easy-to-read language.
A probate lawyer, we shall call him PB, controls wills.
The probate lawyer waits for the elderly to die.
Then the probate lawyer is listed in the will as the executor.
Now the probate lawyer controls the sale of the property.
The probate lawyer knows friends who can tell the grieving relatives that the property left is worth £400,000.
Then the probate lawyer pushes on with the sale of the property with his friends,
who make sure nothing higher than £400,000 is offered for the property.
The family accepted the sale after other estate agents who were friends of the probate lawyer stated the same lie.
The property is then renovated, and wow, it now sells for £740,000.00.
The family reported this to the police detective, let’s call him MA, and he stated there was nothing wrong here.
This goes on for a while, as more and more people have issues with the probate lawyer PB.
The SRA, which regulates lawyers, says nothing is wrong… again.
Then, later on, the police detective finds out that the local doctor is a pedo.
Then the police detective, the lawyer, and the estate agents plot a plan.
Then, one by one, the elderly start to die off.
Their homes are under the control of the probate lawyer and are sold off or sometimes taken as payment for all the lawyers’ hard work.
Families complain, but the police detective ignores all the strange deaths.

As the doctor is only doing his job as he finds more and more patients with dementia.

The doctor puts them in a nursing home where he visits them and drugs them to keep them happy.
The wills are changed.
The elderly are put on the “end of life” to help their quality of life and dignity.
The relative does not know that their bed bound loved one could not only talk and walk but had no problems, and the cremation hides the crime.
Then what I found was that the above had been done all over the country.
And the targets were not just the elderly. Many people of any age, with property were being misdiagnosed and then put onto the easy to use “end of life”.
Well, cremation is easy as there is no autopsy now required.
And everything was going well until… my mother became a target….
And how big is this problem…

Well, according to The Times, there are over 14,000 RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) property valuers who

“welcome stronger regulation after conflict of interest row” by Louisa Clarence-Smith on January 13, 2022.

Does this sound like your story if it is send your probate scam story to

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