Probate Scammer Charlotte Pritchard, formerly of the equally corrupt Clyde and Company estates division, has now moved to pastures new with Irwin Mitchell.

Probate Scam Queen Charlotte Pritchard has seemingly moved and been promoted but still working in probate and estates.

Hopefully Irwin Mitchell’s law firm with keep a tight rein on this dirty little scammer who had no right to sell a property now valued over £1m for just £490,000 at 32 Hoole Road,  Chester last July and now left Kennedy’s law to defend her corrupt actions.

She still faces the prospect of an official complaint in her actions with no legal defense, but perhaps Irwin Mitchell law firm is unaware she was joined at the hip with the now no-longer practicing Legal 500 and TEP hot shot Mr. James Beresford who got out when he found out how corrupt BLM law was and the Chester law mafia.

We will continue to shout out all these probate scammers to protect other victims going forward.

Pritchard simply can not be trusted after 14 months she never even informed the main beneficiary Dr. Jones that they even sold the property, just how she got a new start with Irwin Mitchell sure shocks us but then again once a scammer always a scammer.

She also helped break 3 Tomlin Orders and a direct undertaking made by Judge Hodge 4 weeks before the sale started with Cavendish who marketed the said property for £750,000 and 17 days later dropped it £260,000 off the price and we can prove!

Were the partners of Irwin Mitchell aware of this before employing her questionable legal services, or was that the point of Clyde and Co employing her, as it is clear she knows where all the probate bodies are buried!

She was not the court appointed executor, that was Beresford and he left BLM 4 months earlier.

Of course, if she wants to set the record straight, she can reply below.

More info on Dodgy Charlotte is here.


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