James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard are both formally of BLM Law and Pritchard is fully employed as the head of Probate law at the BLM-merged Clyde and Company have committed legal fraud by failing to administer the probate estate at 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

This has come to us from the news that at the beginning of 2021, Chester council started legal proceedings against the main beneficiary Dr. Jones of 32 Hoole Road Chester fame.

The then court-appointed 2019 James Beresford and sidekick Charlotte Pritchard were both senior STEP Northwest members (Beresford since removed) and Beresford a top Legal 500 member was so good at probate law they apparently forgot to tell Chester council tax they were in fact the said estate’s official executor.

Just how on earth they can both fail in their duty of care to the estate is so baffling it has to be deliberate in its very nature to damage Dr. Jones and Police Detective Micheal Ankers (MA).

Readers may well ask why MA well as it turns out he’s the son-in-law of Mavis Banks who gains from the proceeds and just happens to be the man in charge of crimes against the elderly, you really just can’t make this stuff up!

Let us get back to the hapless pair of numpties in this case Beresford and Pritchard, can you get anyone else with their said experience to just allow this major oversight to occur, it is quite frankly impossible for it to actually happen but we now think we know the reason why it happened.

At the time the hapless duo wanted the world to think there was no BPR we can show lots of Documents and Clyde and Co knows we have them, so why does this matter?

Also at this timeline, they requested Nationwide to STEAL £49000 from Dr. Jones’s bank account this was said to pay HMRC death taxes.

Now we learn all liability awards from the court were for non-domestic rates and if the hapless wonder duo was on the case they would have had to apply for BPR which means they had no authority to ask Nationwide Bank for this money in the first place.

Is your money in the Nationwide bank safe, obviously not!

So did they pay this money to the HMRC or not well the estate has no clue as even after the July 2022 sale no one including the legal ombudsman service still has not seen sight of the probate accounts – now the dots are starting to join up guys.

These top-of-the-line probate feckers knew exactly what they were doing, they wanted to damage the estate as much as possible, stop any lines of court actions by removing as much money as possible, and damage the main beneficiary through credit reference agencies so there was no prospect of the danger of court appearances or injunction applications.

It is so apparent what they did above no reasonable court in the future won’t rule this was clear legal fraud to stop a well-known litigant to challenge their probate crimes it is scary.

Yet even given all this Clyde and Company defends the hapless wonders to their legal hilt, would anyone else like to use the head of the probate at Clyde and Co going forward or even Clyde themselves our advice, RUN now and don’t look back!

Our message to Clyde and Co. come on guys get a grip it was not yours or part of your company then but you now have been informed and it’s time to stop digging the hole that soon will pop up in the land of oz soon!

The damages that will be awarded against all of you will be so vast, possible ADR will be all but a distant memory. 




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