Steve Reed seems to be the only person in parliament that wants to take on ALL probate Scammers in the UK if you have been following this saga please copy the following email to Steve Reed or your local MP or both.

To Steve Reed MP
Shadow Secretary of State for Justice.

Dear LOCAL MP and or Steve Reed,

I am asking you to ask Steve Reed the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, about the following.

I am writing to request your help on behalf of Dr. Jones. alleged probate fraud case at 32 Hoole Road, Chester
His email is mark@myvibe.net

I believe that the issues affecting him could also affect me, and that is why I am reaching out to you.

Dr. Jones has brought to my attention several alarming actions taken by a group of probate lawyers that have committed criminal offenses.

These actions include the purchase of the law firm and the subsequent changing of his late mother’s will to control the sale of her home.

The probate lawyers then sold his mother’s house for half the asking price of £490,000 and allowed no other higher buyers.

Which was also a breaking of a court order not to sell Dr. Jones’s late mother’s house for anything less than £750,000. But the probates broke the court order three times.

And a judge told them it was breaking the court order, but they ignored it.

Then they were told to do an undertaking to a judge, which they ignored again.

And the probate lawyers ignored several offers to buy the property for a million, and local properties go for nearly a million but the probate lawyers ignored this.

And the same lawyers did the same trick to others who were in grief due to the death of their parents, but the probate lawyers used it to take advantage of them. This is a growing issue that must be stopped as it makes property owners a target.

In Dr. Jones’s case, the probate lawyer said there was £100,000 debt to his late mother but it did not exist.

And the same probate lawyer took £49,000 out of Dr. Jones’s bank account, which is a violation of the bank’s contracts and the law.

Furthermore, the probate lawyers tried to damage the value of the property and even attempted to file for bankruptcy to silence him, which failed as the judge saw an email from the probate lawyer saying they were doing this all to damage him.

The regulatory authorities have ignored all of this and attempted to cover up the situation.

Such actions are unacceptable, and they could have serious consequences for the community.

If these kinds of crimes are allowed to continue, it would make it difficult for people like me to feel secure in buying a home or maintaining a bank account in the country.

Therefore, I am respectfully requesting your assistance in stopping these criminal activities and holding those responsible accountable for their actions as you are the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice.
I hope to hear back from you soon, as this matter is urgent.

All correspondence should be by my email.

Please acknowledge this email.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your own name]

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