Chester City Council is in so much liability trouble thanks to the legal eagles Northwest England STEP members James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard’s non-legal actions.

You also got to hand it to Chester’s very own legal department for making this whole 32 Hoole road the absolute dog’s dinner of a probate nightmare that now has BLM / Clyde and Co in so much vicarious liability they might not survive the utter embarrassment but at least we now know why BLM Law at the time had to make Beresford the client of their firm mid-2020.

This entire probate Scam has now mostly surrounded the property at 52 Hoole Road Chester because it clearly now demonstrates how lawyers and every component of a probate scam all come together in perfect harmony although it has taken several years of due diligence on our investigators on our team to pull it all together.

Two days ago the main beneficiary of this estate was sent several letters where Chester City Council stated they had gotten liability orders against Dr. Jones totaling more than £8000 despite James Beresford, Charlotte Pritchard of Clyde and Co and it now turns out Private Client Services Ltd of Peterborough totally failing to tell the local council’s community charge department that from April 2020 they had complete control over the estate’s debts as they changed the locks and evicted all the residents and all three TOLD NO ONE at the said council.

So here we have 3 probate experts in the field that could not provide even the basic legal probate estate requirements, Beresford and Pritchard are supposed to be top-of-the-tree STEP (TEP) Reps, wow bet they won’t be for much longer.

This level of legal professional standards is quite frankly shocking, Clyde and Co. must be in utter turmoil over these latest revelations and just how the legal ombudsman service claimed this property was a domestic property and the liability orders granted were for non-domestic rates blows that utter crap into the very long grass or its 100% proof that Clyde and Company lied to the said legal regulators, they can’t have it both ways.

Council now faces massive damages claims because they were equally guilty of a total lack of due diligence as Dr. Jones told them by email what was going on at the beginning of 2020 and got replies not only that but this property was at 3 different auctions as a guest house up for sale so why did their teams not know or contact the sellers?

It is easy that they were at worst helping the probate scammers, Beresford and Pritchard claimed that the guest house was a bog standard domestic property it would not have helped their case for the estate’s defense if it turned out there was no BPR to pay.

So the council waits for 9 months after the sale and 2 years after the first liability order to contact Dr. Jones and if the then hot-shot lawyers had legal decency no order would have ever been sought in the first place.

Who in their right minds would use any of these players in any future probate work going forward yes they will all point the finger at each other but in the end, ADR will now have to commence by all parties and any implied legal fees will never in a million years now happen. the damages are going to be huge but then again perhaps this working probate scam was never meant to be laid bare for all to now clearly see.

Thanks to all the above players in the 32 Hoole Road saga all started by the now first removed law firm Bartlett’s of Chester claiming for 5 years there was a £100.000 care bill outstanding just to rack up fees of £80,000 that should have been under 10k but now is 1k.

It is all coming together now for a probate scam that’s been in operation for hundreds of years and the Government needs to wake up before they get accused of having its fingers in the same alleged fraudulent pies.

If you are reading this for the first time the land registry states the property is sold at half price £490,000 last July and the estate’s accounts have never been published, and ZERO proceeds have been paid or distributed and ZERO communication has been forthcoming for nearly 2 years.

It may be very interesting to find out if any of the proceeds have been out to date but failing that Beresford has vanished, wonder if it was him on the jet ski advert on TV Perhaps Pritchard and others are on the same beach waiting for their shotty.

Would you trust any of these Characters above with your estates’ value going forward?




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