Open Complaint to the Legal Ombudsman.

Complaint to the Legal Ombudsman.

Open Complaint to the Legal Ombudsman on the handling of the probate and alleged crimes to sell 32 Hoole Road, Chester by solicitors at BLM Law Manchester.

Open complaint to the legal ombudsman's service
You well be the next victim to these probate scammers.

Below shows just how fingers in the pie there are currently in the UK that is robbing estates blind and how easy it is for the crimes to remain hidden and unseen to many.

Please read and weep because no matter who you are if you have huge assets it could so easily be you we are writing about on these pages next.

Therefore we are copying this complaint and the reasons for putting this information in the public domain are for educational purposes only.

I reject the report by D. Nicholson for the reasons given, I am whistleblowing on Legal Ombudsman, and its staff covering up crimes including the following: breaking of court order and undertaking, murder, etc: Official Stage 1 Service complaints: Complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. To Antonia Romeo. Permanent Secretary. And the head of the Legal Ombudsman. The elderly are being robbed of their homes, and by undervaluing these properties, the criminals are robbing the government of tax money.


To the following MPs, you were included in this email because you were involved in government reports on crime and corruption.
Debbie Abrahams MP,
Baroness Finlay of Llandaff,
Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick,
Lord Philip Hunt,
Elliot Colburn MP,
Jeremy Wright MP,
Judith Cummins MP,
Marie Rimmer MP,
Mark Menzies MP,
Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP,
Liz Saville-Roberts MP,
Laurence Robertson MP,
Dr. Lisa Cameron MP,
Mr. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
Mel Stride MP
Rushanara Ali MP
Harriett Baldwin MP
Anthony Browne MP
Gareth Davies MP
Dame Angela Eagle MP
Emma Hardy MP
Kevin Hollinrake MP
Julie Marson MP
Siobhain McDonagh MP
Alison Thewliss MP
Steve Reed MP
Kwasi Karteng MP
Dominic Raab MP
Samantha Dixon MPPlease forward this to others.AndTo
Paul McFadden, Chief Ombudsman
Elisabeth Davies
Annette Lovell
Dale Simon
Judicial Review.
To the Head of the Legal Ombudsman.
To the Legal Ombudsman
Who at Legal Ombudsman investigates fraud? Answer: no one!

I want Laura Stockin, Dawn Nicholson, and Sibusiso Mafu of the legal ombudsman removed from anything to do with this report.
I want a full investigation into them for the cover-up of fraud and murder. 
Dear MPs.This is Part 4 of the crimes against the elderly.

The following crime is costing the government in lost taxes (millions of millions) because the Legal Ombudsman staff are helping to cover up the robbing of the estates of the elderly.

I am whistleblowing on Legal Ombudsman, and its staff covering up crimes including the following: breaking of court order and undertaking, murder, etc
see Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, The Criminal Finances Act 2017, The Equality Act 2010, and Human Rights Act, etc

If a surgeon was found doing wrong then you would not hide that fact.
But the legal ombudsman, Dawn Nicholson, not only gets the investigation wrong but then tries to cover it up with friends.

This is me rejecting D. Nicholson’s report with the reasons given.
The high death rate in the UK is partly due to the crimes in this case.
Dr. Mark Jones MBA etc.
The following is in the attachment with exhibits. 

I received a report from Legal Ombudsman Dawn Nicholson (DN) on January 30, 2023.

The previous file sent to Dawn Nicholson can be found in the next section, starting from page 1, along with accompanying exhibits covering all relevant points.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the case, I refer you to the separate file RICSFRAUDCHESTERm2m.pdf, which covers the crime in 6 pages with exhibits for court proceedings.

The report from Dawn Nicholson pertains to the law firm BLM (now Clyde & Co.) and their probate lawyers James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard, outlining the following information:

1. The probate lawyers broke a Court order and Tomlin order three times, and a judge’s undertaking to sell a property at 32 Hoole Road for a minimum of £750,000 (see page 63 for the exhibit).

Note: my report in the next section starting on page 1 and onwards gives more exhibits to support my case.

The law that covers the breaking of a court order in the United Kingdom is the Contempt of Court Act 1981. Under the Contempt of Court Act 1981, an individual or entity that intentionally or recklessly disobeys a court order can be found in contempt of court. If the contempt is proved, the court has the power to impose a range of penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or both.

A Tomlin order is a type of court order used in the United Kingdom to resolve civil disputes. If an individual or entity violates a Tomlin order, they may be in breach of contract and could face legal consequences. If someone breaks a Tomlin order, the other party may take legal action to enforce the terms of the agreement. This could include seeking an injunction to prevent the individual or entity from continuing to breach the order, or seeking damages for any losses suffered as a result of the breach.

The law that covers breaches of contract in the United Kingdom is the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 and the common law of contract.
Dawn Nicholson does not list the breaking of the law as she helps to cover up the crime.
And judge
MRS JUSTICE ELLENBOGEN DBE said the law firm broke the court order and the law firm must pay BUT Dawn Nicholson ignored all of this to save money for the law firm. Dawn Nicholson does not seem to know the law and thinks she is above the judge.

1.2 I send another file to Dawn Nicholson where Probate lawyer James Beresford’s own statement to the court (9 Aug 2021) was, he stated he did not list the property (my mother’s home 32 Hoole Road Chester CH2 3NJ) below £750,000 see page 88 court file.   BUT HE DID.

“My undertaking was not to place the property on the market for less than £750,000, which I have not done.” 

But in May 2021 (page 26 of court file) and in 2022, the property is listed as sold for £500,000 (page see court file 56, 129).

1.2 And Dawn Nicolson is sent the following file, where James Beresford’s statement in full is: “27. Alleged breach of Undertaking/missed opportunity with prospective buyers.

I note that Mark Jones alleges that I have breached an undertaking that I provided to the Court on 9 August 2021.

Clearly, such a matter, if true, would be extremely serious indeed and it is right and proper that I address this with the Court so that the Court can assess the allegation raised by Mark Jones.

In the first instance, I should say it is not true. I have not breached an undertaking to the Court to allow the Property to be marketed for sale/with an initial asking price of £800,000.

My undertaking was not to place the Property on the market for less than £750,000, which I have not done.”

1.3 BUT James Beresford did 2021  list the property on the auction site for 500,000 which no one could bid for (page court file 26) and in 2022, the property is listed as sold for £500,000 (page court file 56, 129). And now the property is listed as sold for 490,000 see page 163

But even when Beresford says breaking the court order is bad, Dawn Nicolson plays it down.

2. The probate lawyers (James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard) ignored several potential buyers who were willing to pay a million for the property and lied about contacting them on pages 16 and 20. This is fraud.

3. The probate lawyers ( James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard ) listed the property at 32 Hoole Road on an auction site for £500,000, which broke the court order and no one could bid on it.   Page 26, 27, done by see pages 71, 129

4. The probate lawyers (James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard ) used RICS surveyor Andrew (called Alan?) Lovatt, falsely undervalued the property as £345,000 (page 75). This was despite the fact that the firm insured the property for a million (page 61).
Andrew Lovatt was not a local RICS surveyor in the Chester area, so he should not have done this work. BUT Dawn Nicolson states he which is a lie, see in this section page xxvii onwards.

4.1 Andrew Lovatt used comparison prices of properties that were not similar to the property at 32 Hoole Road. See Table A (Andrew Lovatt’s list of properties not like 32 HOOLE ROAD) and Table B (properties next to or near 32 Hoole Road which Andrew Lovatt ignored). see the next section page 3. The price difference is £930,000 between Table A (lies) and Table B (true values).

4.2 An example is Andrew Lovatt ignored a property across the road at 71 Hoole Road, which sold for £490,000 and had only 4 small bedrooms, and no land (page 39-41). Meanwhile, the property he valued at 32 Hoole Road has 12 large bedrooms, all WCs, and enough land to build three properties like the one at 71 Hoole Road. Therefore, how else can Andrew Lovatt say 32 Hoole Road is £345,000 other than to commit fraud?

4.3 Then when Andrew Lovatt’s report was discovered he then went to work for a corrupt police detective MA (page 78) who was tasked with protecting the elderly, but instead protected the lawyer who gave him work. Note RICS now does not list where the members work now!

5. All of this was done to trick the owner of the property next door at 30 Hoole Road into selling her recently deceased (2021) mother’s home below value, as it was under the control of the probate lawyers Bartlett who claimed it was only worth £400,000 (page 92 point  1.02 and page 95,  and their estate agent “friends” said the same.  She also says her mother was murdered like my mother sees on page 99 and on tape. Note we have many others who state parents were murdered for their homes. The probate lawyer Bartlett was fined by the Law Society see page 84

6. Probate lawyer Bartlett, who was removed from my mother’s estate in 2015 and claimed my mother’s property at 32 Hoole Road was worth £450,000 see page 80.

7. In 2015, Probate lawyer Bartlett claimed my mother’s estate had £100,000 in debt (see page 79 point of pen and page 81 see pen and tax form page 87), which was a lie, to create panic in me and force the sale of the property quickly. The real price was £10847 then £1000! see page 82

8. The law firm BLM and probate lawyer James Beresford was appointed in 2019 to replace Bartlett, BUT they did nothing but protect his past crimes. The probate lawyers (including Charlotte Prichard) knew that the owner of the property at 30 Hoole Road was dying and saw an opportunity to get another property at a lower price. That’s why they listed the property at 32 Hoole Road for £500,000, breaking the court order, etc.

9. In 2022, the same estate agents said the property at 32 Hoole Road was worth a million, but the law firm’s listing in the past at £500,000 damaged its value and it was now said to be worth only £800,000.

9.1 The probate lawyer (James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard and the emails were sent to the manager of BLM) then broke an undertaking to a judge to list the property as ordered by the court but listed it for £500,000 again. And stopped any other bids. see pages 45,  52, See page 143

10. Meanwhile, the other half of the property (semi-detached) at 30 Hoole Road which is 29 Hoole Road, which was NOT under the control of the lawyers, sold for £740,000 in two weeks (page 28,29,30). The property at 30 Hoole Road has only 4 small bedrooms and no land, so how can 32 Hoole Road be worth £345,000 or £500,000 when it has 12 large bedrooms, all WCs, and land to build two more properties on and is much larger than 30 or 28 Hoole Road?

11. The property at 32 Hoole Road was in good condition as it was a guest house until the probate lawyers BLM kicked out the guests, damaging the property and lowering its value. Even then, other estate agents said it was worth over £800,000 (pages 9,10).

13. The BLM probate lawyers then stole £49,000 from the writer’s bank account and the lawyer disappeared (pages 53,54).  And the lawyers state it is my money see page 103.

14. Then the probate lawyers (Bartlett to BLM lawyers) tried to file for bankruptcy to “shut [the writer] up,” according to their own email (page 148 see arrow). This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other issues and these were sent.

15. Dr. Bland would prescribe medications to the elderly that allowed for changes in their wills, trapping them in nursing homes, and he ran the local end-of-life care.

16. Dr. Bland, whose office was located at 71 Hoole Road, knew all of this was going on and was struck off as a local doctor in 2019 for being a pedophile and the full story not told. See weblink.

17. The police detective MA (see RISC report page 66 onwards) knew about this for a long time, as he visited the writer’s mother’s guest house until she took the keys from him. My mother would never spend another Christmas with MA and would never speak of him. MA is my sister’s son-in-law. Before this, we found out the police would keep people at my mother’s guest house. Then a young man died strangely at the guest house, but everything was covered up by the same police. Dr. Bland visited the guest house when MA was there in the past.

18. The daughter of the property at 30 Hoole Road and the owner at 32 Hoole Road and others are on tape who state their parents were murdered for their homes. And all with the same probate lawyer Bartlett and his side kick Mr Woodside who knew Dr Bland well.

19. In 2015, the local coroner refused to release the inquest tape, which revealed Dr. Bland and Dr. Nicholson lied at the inquest, claiming they didn’t know each other, but they had signed local cremation documents in the past. They were also aware of local children with misdiagnosed mental health issues being used for blackmail. Also, the coroner ignored all the actions of the probate lawyers.

20. On On the 9 of Feb 2023 at 5 Vine close, Stain TW19 6BE I received the following

For the first letter see page 161
On 25.11.2020 a Liability Order was granted by Magistrates Court for the total sum of £2374.81

2nd letter
On 12.05.2021 a Liability Order was granted by Magistrates Court for the total sum of £450.00

3rd letter. See page 162
A letter stating a Liability Order was granted by the Magistrates Court for the total sum of £4902.90


And if any bills then the court-appointed in 2020 Jan, the probate lawyer James Beresford to run the estate of 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

I can show I did not live at 32 Hoole Road Chester, since April 2020.
See the police records, which show that probate lawyer James Beresford changed the locks on the property.

Therefore I now seek more damages from BLM now Clyde and CO. as they allowed these bills to damage my credit rating etc.

Back to the Legal Ombudsman who also protects the crime.
Another report sent to Dawn Nicholson is RICSFRAUDCHESTERm2m.pdf covers the crime in 6 pages with exhibits for court.

Before the report was given, the writer informed Dawn Nicholson that it was rejected because Mr. Hunter and myself, had a call with her during which she was clearly covering up crimes, as evidenced by the email at the back of the file. The report is attached, with the writer’s comments highlighted in yellow.
Here is her report with my comment in yellow highlighter….
For exhibits, see the following website:


Dr. Mark Jones FRSM
MBA, PhD, Ma, PgDip :.

Freeman of the City of London

Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Fellow of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (2010)
Fellow of NESTA (2002)

Alumnus of London Business School. (2005)

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