What has James Beresford & Charlotte Pritchard of Clyde and Company along with Private Client Services, PCS Ltd all got in common, answer not a clue how to do correct probate estate law!

Never in a million years would we at Probate Scam editorial teams have ever been so shocked by what the main beneficiary Dr. Mark Jones of 32 Hoole Road Chester now has to endure.

No, before we tell you let us paint the picture for all our readers so you can be as shocked as us all here in the office.

Under BLM Law now very unfortunate for Clyde & Co as they have now merged with these absolutely useless lawyers their top legal 500 and STEP wonder boy James Beresford and aided by the super girl Charlotte (who gets a lot wrong Charlotte Pritchard) now the head of probate and estates in Manchester decided during the first covid lockdown to kick out Dr. Jones and the guest house lodgers in and around May 2020.

PCS Ltd unknown to anyone was contracted to be a sneaky and hide-in-the-bushes kind of probate middleman outfit from Jan 2020 tasked with selling 32 Hoole Road, Chester as a blind man can clearly see on this website we don’t think much of these hapless probate scammers.

Not only did they change the locks on a guest house and then refuse BPR business property rates (another probate Scam trick) but even the greatest law regulator in the land recently totally failed in their duty of care to Dr. Jones by either not requesting vital supporting evidence or Clyde and Company refusing to give them the said paperwork.

So, are we all ready to yet again join the dots to yet another part of this probate Scam, they NEVER told Chester City Council in 2020 they had complete control over the estate or they changed the locks or removed all the contents of the ex-guest house with the result being an unknown to Dr. Jones till this week that Chester council in 2020 and 2021 got a liability order against him and ultimately the property and they are now asking a court for a bankruptcy order against Dr. Jones for the sum of £8000 plus costs because these 3 muppets above simply could not do their jobs correctly and simply inform the local council all inquiries should be sent to them instead!

Of course, if these numpties don’t act very quickly the house sale last July where all the above broke a TOMLIN ORDER 3 TIMES and sold it for less than 500k without even getting a proper RICs valuation is in danger of having to release their most prized secret to date the estate accounts because that the first thing the council’s legal team will want to share this information in the next court proceedings.

Was this the real reason Beresford had to leave BLM Law and the firm had to make him a client of the firm, squeaky bum time for those partners of the firm now, of course, they never thought all this would ever see the light of day and was this the reason Clyde binned the entire partners on the probate side of the BLM business when the merger was completed it’s all coming out now!

This will end in massive damages against PCS, BLM LAW, CLYDE & company the two hapless solicitors who were both highly thought of as northwest STEP members, and just where the legal ombudsman stage 1 investigation goes from here is simply mindblowing.

You simply can’t make this stuff up any first-year law student would know what to do and where does this leave the Northwest England law society chair who told the Liverpool court after the TOMLIN ORDER of December 2019 that Beresford was the very best probate expert in the land now beggar’s utter belief?

It is time for CLYDE & Company to get to grips with this case and start ADR or it will become a National Scandal Probate Scam nightmare, this utter madness has to stop, almost every day we are joining more and more dots to this probate nightmare for thousands of fellow brit’s suffering from the same working model of attack vulnerable old people for their rich assets!

Shame on the legal ombudsman’s service for ignoring such evidence that was complained about at the time and stated nothing to see here gov!

It’s time they got their act together?


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