The Probate Scams website is here for probate law victims old and new to help join the dots, and now we confirm that NLP is being used more and more in our communities to the detriment of our society.

The individuals who engineer these scams employed techniques like NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and hypnosis to manipulate and control both the elderly victims and those attempting to cover up these crimes.

Furthermore, they drug and hypnotise the elderly or infirm to make them appear to have dementia and to appear to be near death, deceiving their relatives and experts, leading to more unnecessary victims who were then put onto the government’s Pathway to Death (LCP).

This pathway drugged the individual and left them in a coma, as the law allowed for the person to starve to death.

It’s a horrific way to die, as the lack of water causes cells to be ripped apart. Then, the bodies were cremated to hide the lies.

Yes pretty nasty, but the only way to cover their tracks, and we know they have other actors in police forces to make all these inquiries just simply go away.

The SRA has been inundated with complaints in the most recent years about the above and won’t do anything as it is obvious they are also agents of death

NLP is very effective in getting heavy smokers to quit and never hold a cigarette or ever smoke again, imagine what it can do to an elderly person in a care home or hospital bed.

We might even hear you saying that you think it was a CP operative doing these crimes, We say if it is, then have a guess what mind tricks they use to see if you’re on their wavelength, yes They also use NLP in their Navigator course, and if you spot they are hypnotising you, and you refuse to accept their ideas on child abuse you are shown the door, and they will never ask you to another course again of course that is the end of your job promotions as well.

As we stated above, this about helping would be probate victims join the dots and understand what may be going on with their loved ones.

Simple ways to prove the above, when seeing loved ones try drinking their water, try eating their food, If you can’t visit very often or not at all install a KOMP video system they are brilliant and require no input from your loved ones to work.

If the hospital or care home refuses or causes any issues with your requests to taste the water or food, rehome them immediately and call the police or report it to us instead at

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