Clyde and Company has recently claimed to Dr. Mark Jones they know nothing about the property sale at 32 Hoole Road, Chester their Salford office sold at a £300,000 plus discount to other solicitors firm.

They also claim at their London Head quarters that they were totally unaware that Charlotte Pritchard was doing any legal work for their ex partner of BLM law that was let go 3-4 months earlier before the Clyde and Co merger of BLM Law took place in July 2022.

They also claim they have no idea where the £490,000 proceeds has went to or what account it has went into, did James Beresford or Charlotte Pritchard embezzle it away before Beresford left or Charlotte Pritchard left to go to Irwin’s of Manchester as previously reported by this website.

It is quite amazing how little Clyde and Company are actually aware of if anything at all, they were not even aware that Pritchard while employed by them in Salford office managed to ignore an actual Tomlin order and wanted to sell a probate estate at an asking price of £450,000.

But will they report her to the SRA themselves we hear our readers ask, we wait with baited breath on that one!

The SRA states Pritchard has done nothing wrong at all yet nearly all Members of Parliament that reads these pages are not so sure in fact most labour members are saying if they win the next election they are going to hold all these dubious legal actions to account.

So, where did the these proceeds go to and where does that leave the Legal Ombudsman service where they claimed the proceeds were about to be paid out that was 12 months ago.

What are the directors of Clyde and company going to do about it, as it was sold with their official stamp embossed on the sale as you can see below.

At best Charlotte Pritchard was simply and legally incompetent but if that is true why did Irwin Mitchell employ her services in the first place?

If I was one of her clients now I would be extremally scared, you might be the next victim seen on a TV advert with Charlotte Pritchard on water skis having a whale of a time into the sunset with her clients money!

What are the Land Registry going to now that the property was not done properly or even legally sanctioned as no variance order was sought to the said Tomlin order and the only person legally able to sell it was an unemployed BLM partner who had no legal insurance to conduct bossiness so the sold estate was a botched up legal deal and fraudulent, it can not be classed as an official sale.

It is now obvious they are all as corrupt as hell and requires a Government lead serious fraud investigation and we say this is all but the tip of the largest iceberg ever.

Never seen so much lies on a land registry document image.
Never seen so much alleged lies on a land registry document image.











SO , what are the implications of breaking a Tomlin order for Beresford, Pritchard and Clyde and Company.

A Tomlin order is a court-approved settlement agreement that is often used to resolve legal disputes without the need for a trial. It typically sets out the terms of the settlement between the parties involved, and it is then submitted to the court for approval. Tomlin orders are commonly used in various types of litigation, including personal injury claims, employment disputes, and other civil matters.

If a property subject to a Tomlin order is sold in England, it is important to consider the terms and conditions specified in the order. Tomlin orders can contain various provisions related to the resolution of the dispute, including financial terms, confidentiality clauses, and any other agreed-upon conditions. The terms of the Tomlin order are legally binding on the parties involved.

Before selling a property subject to a Tomlin order, the parties should carefully review the terms of the order to ensure compliance. If the terms of the Tomlin order include specific provisions related to the property, such as restrictions on sale or transfer, those provisions must be followed.

If there is any uncertainty or disagreement regarding the sale of the property in breach of the Tomlin order, the parties may need to seek legal advice and potentially return to court to address the issue. Breaching a court order, including a Tomlin order, can have legal consequences, and the court may take action to enforce compliance or impose penalties.

It’s essential to consult with a qualified legal professional who can provide advice based on the specific details of the Tomlin order and the circumstances surrounding the property sale.

What are the legal implications for the land registry for allowing a sale that breaks a Tomlin order.

The Land Registry in England and Wales is responsible for maintaining the public register of land ownership and interests in land. It is a government department that records and registers changes in ownership and other property-related matters. While the Land Registry plays a crucial role in property transactions, it is generally not responsible for enforcing court orders or monitoring the terms of private agreements, such as Tomlin orders.

In the context of a property sale that may breach a Tomlin order, the primary legal consequences and enforcement actions would typically be within the jurisdiction of the courts, not the Land Registry. If a property sale violates the terms of a Tomlin order, the aggrieved party may need to take legal action through the court system to seek remedies or enforce the terms of the order.

However, it’s important to note that the Land Registry does play a role in recording changes in ownership and interests in land. When a property is sold, the parties involved typically submit the necessary documentation to the Land Registry to update the register and reflect the change in ownership. The Land Registry’s role is largely administrative, and it does not have the authority to investigate the specific circumstances of a property sale.

If there are concerns about the validity of a property sale in relation to a Tomlin order, the affected party may need to raise the issue in court and seek appropriate legal remedies. It’s advisable to consult with a qualified legal professional who can provide guidance based on the specific details of the situation and the terms of the Tomlin order.

So it seems dodgy lawyers can do as they please until there days are numbered and caught red handed doing legal fraud, our guess is they have have squeaky bum times when sitting down to their Christmas Turkey thinking the turkey is not the only thing being stuffed this xmas!

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