Yes, you heard and read it correctly Clyde and Company formally BLM Law Salford office has stolen the proceeds of the sale of 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

There is no other way to say it, Charlotte Pritchard is a Solicitor that is a thief, as she or the firm has made any contact with the main beneficiary since they sold the property for less than half price in July 2022 from its £1.2 million valuation in 2020.

If anyone else in our society did the same we would be expecting a custodial sentence, but these probate legal firms believe they are above the law, and as we have said many times the local cops are as corrupt as these perpetrators and should also be held to account but so far they never are.

There is well over £300,000 due from this estate if not more and no-one knows where this money has gone and who holds it and Clyde and Company seems to not care less!

Just how the directors of Clyde and Company can sleep at night is downright scary unless this is all but a common occurrence, and 32 Hoole Road is but the tip of a very large iceberg indeed.

HMRC bemoans when a benefit recipient is a few hundred overpaid for tax credits, but happy for trillions is lost capital tax being lost to the hands of greedy lawyers.

It’s disgraceful behaviour and outrage and our politicians are either in on it as part of the gravy train or they can’t be bothered, this country is not called rip-off Britain for nothing, who in their mind would invest in the UK?


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