Beware of cheap will writing legal services that promise a lot but deliver very little and you could end up losing a lot more than just your assets.

It seems that every day more and more legal firms are offing the wonderful world of Will Writing for no money but it was only a few years ago when it was on average £500.

So we ask ourselves where does the same firms make up their lost revenues as most charge £200-500 per hour plus VAT so where is the catch?

For us its easy, they workout who is the prime target to either sell you more legal products or target you for their gains only.

Its easy to target you once you let it be known you have dementia or similar health problems where they then control your life from then on in.

Getting local doctors in on the act just speeds up the greed and once they have stated you have no capacity its game over and they have a basic blank cheque book so that cheap 20 quid service turned out to be the dearest deal in history.

You have been duly warned of this said an obvious present danger, so be very careful of who you trust, its just terrible the legal industry is like this but having bodies as useless as the likes of the SRA and Legal Ombudsman service, law firms know they are being fully protected to do estates as much harm as possible and still get away with the probate scam.

Best case if you have to do it at all, do it 100 miles away from your locality although check they have not got the same directors at company house and all the dodgers know each other its such a large cartel of white collar crime lords.

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