Probate Scam has tried reaching out to Antony Singer of private client services of Peterborough, but after 2 emails that he has read, he points blank and refuses to engage with our concerns.

Our concern is purely the fact that PCS Ltd has been named in various despatches by not only BLM Law, James Beresford, and SDL Auctions but as a hidden partner from the shadows.

The good thing is though we are starting to join the dots on how the 32 Hoole Road, Chester scam actually works, at this stage we are not claiming PCS Ltd has done anything wrong we are simply asking questions out loud about why they were asked by Charlotte Pritchard/ James Beresford to set up a £1m insurance policy and then be directly involved being part of the sales team that tried to market the same property a few months later for less than half that price at under 500k.

If any of us in the community had done like-wise we may have been taken up as committing legal fraud we are simply asking this company to explain why they never raised any alarm bells.

However, to their credit, SDL did eventually pull the plug on the said auction once they learned PCS and BLM were trying to hoodwink them into thinking it was ok to bypass the Tomlin order that required a minimum sale price of £750,000.

We all know that BLM can’t be trusted to do any estate proud but why did PCS Ltd not report these obvious probate scams to their regulatory body or even the police for fraud?

On checking Social Media it seems PCS is looking for vulnerable probate estates to offload to firms like BLM/Clyde and Co, we can only report what we see and tell the readers it is up to them to make up their own minds after us presenting our findings.

Perhaps they are under contract not to disclose their contractual obligations but one of them won’t be covering up crimes against elderly or deceased estates surely?

We live in the hope that the Directors of PCS Ltd will come forward and tell us all because on one hand, they make website statements like these;

If you’re a Private Client Practitioner, we can help ease the load. We understand that dealing with non-legal aspects of estates takes up valuable time and resources that could be better spent focussing on what you do best. That’s where we come in – our main purpose is to free up your time and chargeable hours by delivering a range of Private Client Services. By sourcing the most practical cost-effective solutions available, we can save on charging Solicitors fixed fees. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional and transparent service – there are no additional or hidden costs for the work we do.

This is the email we sent to PCS Ltd;

Hi, Antony you have now come to our attention for this alleged Probate Scam at 32 Hoole rd Chester you have been named by BLM law to various industry regulators.

You were directly involved in the arrangement of the insurance policy from Jan 2020 to June 2022 for £1,000,000 what proof did you receive from BLM it was worth such a sum from Charlotte Pritchard through a marsh? / PCS insurance policy?

Over-insuring a property for 3 times its value is illegal and may disqualify you from being a UK director in the future or disbar you now. So we require a proof it was properly valued and insured in Jan 2020

On that point of law RICS valuations only last for 3-6 months, some judges require even shorter terms so what proof did BLM provide you from Jan to July 2022 that;

1/ The £1m insured valuation that the evidence so far shows remained current till the property was sold in July 2022?

2/ How many RICS valuations did you as the agent/broker of this said insurance policy see the actual sight of during this insurance period from Jan 2020 to July 2022?

Were you aware that the property was already insured for several years up to and including the period that you arranged as commercial guest house insurance?

Were you informed of a claim for water damage lodged with BLM by the estate’s main beneficiary Dr. Mark Jones after they changed the locks and evicted lodgers during the covid lockdown in May 2020?

How many times did you talk directly or otherwise with Dr. Jones’s own commercial insurance loss adjusters during the time you arranged the insurance at £60+VAT PCM?

You were also named by BLM as also being an agent for the said sale can you confirm this is true and what services will the estate have to pay for your services thus far?

How many properties have you been involved with BLM Law, Clyde and Co, Charlotte Pritchard, James Beresford or Bartlett’s Solicitors Liverpool, and other satellite offices in the past till the present day? 

Do you have or had any contact professional or otherwise with Surveyor Allan Lovatt or Charles Parker Bennett or sister companies in Wigan and Manchester?

The £1m property insurance was set up by them as follows. So they managed the property so when it got damaged when they managed it they the insurer failed to make a claim on behalf of the main beneficiary Dr. Jones.

So it looks like they turn a blind eye to criminal damage and damage the estate’s worth, great work especially since Antony is a trained surveyor he should know a lot better than this.

But it was the estate of the late Mavis Banks that paid these premiums in full and it was now proven to not be directly insured by the Court appointed executor James Beresford despite court assurances from his then QC he had!



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