Charlotte Pritchard is now head of Clyde and Companies of all things probate and estates even though all those probate BLM Law posts were done away with when both firms merged last year.

We always said Pritchard knew where all the probate bodies were buried at BLM law along with her ex-boss James Beresford the top legal 500 and supposedly England’s top STEP (Probate) man had to leave by the back door around mid-covid lockdown.

Of course, at the time of his departure, BLM told Charlotte Pritchard to dump all links to Beresford to protect BLM law from exposure and he then became a client of the firm, not for his protection but for their own needs.

We will prove she did all her firm’s bidding by directly allowing the

PCS to help rip off 32 Hoole Road, Chester estate (probate) by £250,000-£500,000 in value.

We have written proof she told SDL Auctions to carry out her plans to price fix the property at 32 Hoole Road by claiming in a SAR document that she can hoodwink the courts and thus ignore a Tomlin order to sell at a bare minimum sale price at 750k. She told them stuff that we need to sell at 500k instead and she was not even the executor of the said will.

She has no shame and neither now does Clyde and Company who are no strangers to being accused of doing much worse in the past – a simple google search will confirm!

It is strange though at the same time Charlotte congrats herself on surviving the internal Clyde/BLM shakeup that Clyde has made no, nada. zilch or noticed on any of their official news channels that the great legal survivor of James wonder probate boy Beresford had won the hearts and minds that she was the one to become queen supreme ruler of probate in this firm.

 2023-02-07 Charlotte Pritchard associate solicitor image.
2023-02-07 Charlotte Pritchard associate solicitor image.








Her experience is as follows according to her firm;

Based in our Manchester office, Charlotte Pritchard is an associate who works within our private wealth team. She specializes in the administration and taxation of trusts and estates.

As part of this role, Charlotte drafts Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s), Wills, Trusts, and applications to the Court of Protection (CP).

Using her breadth of knowledge and experience, Charlotte is known for navigating this complicated field by delivering expert advice in a straightforward and personalized manner. She takes pride in providing succinct and detailed advice to her clients during what is often a very difficult time.

Since qualifying as a solicitor in 2014, Charlotte has worked solely in private client work, however, she also has a background in family law.

She is also an active member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Manchester committee and is currently gaining her qualification for a STEP Diploma in the administration and taxation of trusts and estates.

Charlotte was a key member of the award-winning Private Client Team of the Year at the prestigious Manchester Legal Awards (MLA’s) 2018.

Of course, they missed out on the part where she expressly told a wellknown UK estates auction house she could easily hoodwink a judge to ignore a TOMLIN ORDER, would you want a person like this controlling your family’s wealth management?


More on this terrible story here, she and her firm can certainly run but they can’t hide what they and what she has done or stated in writing and they simply don’t care one jot to them it’s simply business as usual!

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