Probate theft is the perfect crime here in the UK where the only victim is the deceased family members.

Yes it’s true and all the regulators that govern all the so-called professionals from solicitor firms, estate firms, doctors, hospitals, care homes, court enablers and undertakers are all part of the probate cartel.

What our several years of research shows it only takes a few of the above disciplines to come together and plot to steal a properties wealth and no-one will say a word.

It’s the perfect business model to defraud an deceased families estate/s wealth.

So lets assume for the sake of creating the perfect probate crime.

First they have to target a victim that’s easy as soon as you head to a law firm and give your will details and if your very very rich your in their system.

Now before other law firms start jumping up and down we are talking about legal fraud here not the majority of decent law firms but as you never call the bad ones out your as guilty as the dodgers in your industry period, you have a duty of care to report it but you know the police wont do anything so what is the point!

So this is how it works in practice for all that’s looking for advice on whether they think they about to become a probate victim and could include all of the available tricks set out below.

So first the scammers usually get control before death this includes local doctors and health care officials telling the lawyers or lawyers asking them for potential targets.

They do this in order to change or amend wills this is one of the most lucrative ways for lawyers to takeover estates without family members even becoming aware of it and its where the term dementia fraud comes from!

So in this probate scam the doctor states there’s a mental incapacity of some sort and the solicitors start changing things but only for their benefits not the family and once they get their teeth in your doomed.

Then your loved one is in a nursing or care home or hospital and before you know it they are using every excuse going you can’t see your loved ones as much as you like.

Lack of food and fluids means a quick end but the tip is 2 fold take in food and drink and taste their water if its foul take a sample and get it tested by environmental health for free or privately.

Second if you don’t think a loved one is as bad as you were told get a second opinion.

So your beloved has passed whether naturally or hastened the next thing the solicitor firms do is rack up their legal fees then they try and undervalue the property tip get your own valuation done privately most dodgy values are a half to one third the true value.

This because homes under the hammer tv program shows exactly why property gets sold so cheap and then a few months later resells for a small fortune all done to get their cut both in the sell and resell its a con on industrial scale and no-one cares.

They get away with it by using registered corrupt RICS surveyors that are open to offers for their valuations when they present the documents to the courts and probate office it all gets rubber stamped and no one is any the wiser?

The next trick is with-holding the HMRC account files so the families are clueless as to what is really going on, courts won’t help you and neither will, you guessed it HMRC they don’t listen to complaints, the probate office wont help either…

Back to the undertakers when your loved ones turn up at there’s all dehydrated and underfed they tell no-one as they know they might be the next targets.

Everyone in this game is either part of it all or knows exactly what goes on but we think its so widespread in England even the good guys knows they can’t win one reason why the SRA gets zero good reviews they can’t even fake good ones.

If the solicitors regulators do nothing except go after the little guys what is the point of them regulating, RICS has taken 2 years to investigate our live ongoing case and if A.L does loads of under valuations in that time that’s down to them and he valued a £1.2 m property at only £345,000 that was down to him and the then best probate lawyer in the land Mr James Beresford of BLM Law now CLYDE & Company as he submitted it as court evidence then was forced by the same court to reject it but never instructed another valuation because that would have showed the crime/fraud just shameful actions by a S.T.E.P. regional probate officer now binned by them for a yet unknown reason. Bad boy!

So what can you do if you suspect your the next victim do everything by email and create a paper trail of legal fraud, report it to the police if no action complain to professional standards report every concern to their regulators and take out private law suits if you can afford to lose the money as you will.

Report your case here and we will publish it for free and name and shame the more understands what is really going on the less it will happen to others.


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