RICS complaint handling or investigations into undervaluing estates are as corrupt as hell if the RICS official investigation is anything to go by with the 32 Hoole Road RICS Complaint.

Over 1 year of the investigation where the now second executer and vanished of the planet James Beresford instructed a little known chartered surveyor Mr A.L of Charles Parker Bennet in Preston.

That’s correct one of the countries largest probate law firms in the land based in Manchester hired a no-one surveyor in Preston to travel 63 miles from his firms base when the firm had no idea he was even there, in fact when we talked to them directly they point blank said its not possible we don’t do work in Chester!

Surprise, surprise time again oh yes he did but it gets stranger when we asked to speak to the sole director Susan Bennett no one at the firm knew who she was???

Anyway this story is about RICS and their so called investigations AL decided this once Zoopla valued £1.2m property in 2019 was only worth wait for it, yes £345,000.

Undervalued by at least a factor of 3 times. Great investment opportunity if Beresford and his mates to profit from?

Of course we here you all say including the brand reputation managers that jump up and down getting bad press removed by the search engines, well we have it all in writing.

Why would AL do it, well three days after he gave Beresford and Pritchard (BLM LAW) this manipulated undervalued report he jacked in his job and went to work for the police in the same office as M.A a senior elderly crime detective inspector and now the breaker of a Tomlin order not to mention a deceased family member that gains from the probate, you really cant make this stuff up.

RICS claims to start with no-problem here gov, then when they knew we knew how to join the dots they panicked and they have now had their TOP team on the case yet last month we only just found out that a few days earlier they made their first approach to AL are they kidding.

All legitimate surveyors in the Chester are is saying this valuation given is frankly legal fraud all estate agents in Chester says this is fraud THE only job-worth’s yes the professional body that’s supposed to be looking after jo-publics wealth says no probs here GOV!

Last year there was purge at RICS most top directors were forced out of office due to claims of internal corruption and theres reports of over 14000 complaints each year of wrongful valuations that’s around £5-10b worth of crime or profits for probate scammers.

If probate Scammers can control the value of probate and estates the more they can rip off the estates and keep the profits when their partners in crime buy it cheap sell it high and split the proceeds.

How would anyone know, they make the TV program UNDER THE HAMMER look like BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY!!!

This is one of the ways that probate scams start if you think the value of your parents home is to cheap then your right insist on a second opinion by a national estate company like Savills for example.

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