More evidence of price fixing in Hoole, Chester by the countries top probate lawyer has come to light today as can be seen in this graphic below.

Price Fixing in Hoole Chester image.

More evidence of price fixing in Hoole Chester, so here we have proof that Bartlett’s of Chester/Liverpool and the super dooper BLM Law duo of James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard who broke a December 2019 Liverpool high court ruling by judge Hodge not once not twice but 3 times so far for 32 Hoole Road.

Cavendish Residential in Chester wanted to sell it for offers over £800,000 but 2 weeks on the market reduced it to £500,000 if your local just ask them why before you become another victim?

Probate Scam is not in anyway saying all these properties other than 32 Hoole Road is not worth it but come on how is it possible that 32 can be almost half its price is not at all possible.

Of course would anyone give Prichard and Beresford any credit for first using a fraudulent RICS valuation they both stated in court documents they were NOT using that report but failed totally to get another one done before placing it on the open market shows clear price fixing in order to help their friends not to say anything about destroying neighbouring properties future values.

This is not a victimless crime, they need lots of so-called fellow professionals to hoodwink the public into thinking at worst its just an one off when its in reality widespread legal fraud.

When we first broke this story on Charlotte Pritchard deleted all her social media linking her and James but we took screen captures before publishing, unlucky!

James Beresford then became a client of his own firm boy they had this boy good and he was a partner at the time so either he knew it was wrong or he was deliberately parachuted in to do the dirty on this property.

We heard today MA the police detective (that looks after local crimes against the elderly) that gains in this probate where Cheshire police fails to investigate him, had possible links to this guest house before Mrs Banks fell ill, yes we find out everything Michael.

Why would he use Bartlett’s when everyone locally complains of him and when he knows he was fined by his regulator for £300,000 in the past makes no professional sense.

Anyone reading this will suddenly know wow so many parts needs to be linked for this to work, well we are only scratching the surface much more to come let us assure you all.

P Bartlett & Co. now trying same trick at 30 Hoole Road (yes we have proof in his hand writing already in court documents) claims its only worth 400k, really he should be the next presenter on Come on Down show Bargains of the Century?

Check this out the full current list prices of Hoole Road Chester House Prices and Statistics on HOOLE ROAD, CHESTER (

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