Clyde and company are one of the largest legal and insurance firms in the world knows no bounds of shame by allowing one current and one non current member staff making their firm of a bunch laughing stock lawyers.

Clyde & Co fully merged with BLM Law in July 2022, they also got shot of the entire Probate partners no-doubt because one James Beresford who was at the time a client of the same firm and up to his neck in legal fraud.

Just so our readers are made aware of James Beresford has completely NOW left the profession was it all down to 32 Hoole road, Chester, well we are in no doubt it is but as we keep saying this probate case is one that just keeps giving and yet again we catch them doing amazing things to damage the estate 9 months after it sold for just 490k when they broke a court contract of no less than 750k.

Yes that’s property price fixing and legal fraud!

Mr James Beresford pictured 3 years ago. Anyone know where he is now?

Now we find the hapless and utterly useless legal duo of James Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard were so useless at their profession or showed any duty of care to the estate they completely forgot or deliberately carried out an act of sabotaged on this estate and its main beneficiary.


When they evicted Dr Jones and the guesthouse clients they never informed the local Chester council the property was in-fact empty, the result was a several thousand pound bill that went to court around 2021, 2022 and 2023 and has severely damaged Dr Jones credit rating through no fault of his own.

Did they both do this to damage the beneficiary to somehow raise monies to fight them in court going forward. we say absolutely and their actions should be enough for disbarment from the legal profession and yet Pritchard is to this day fully protected by her firm, can anyone think why other than vicarious liability coming down the line very soon.

It is amazing James Beresford who worked his socks off to become the top probate guy in land blew it all after 32 Hoole Road and it continues to bite his bum on an almost daily basis

If we can discover all this how on earth can the directors and managers of Clyde & Co sleep at night or is it the truth they have hundreds of similar probate frauds that they discovered when or before the officially merged with BLM Law that they have no choice but keep hapless Charlotte Pritchard employed because she knows where all the bodies’ are buried while mentor Beresford was in charge of all the probate cases?

Why these two numpties never informed that local council is nuts but one thing is for sure they are not right and proper persons to do legal work unless they get retrained and their actions may have no legal defence either?

These actions will produce massive damages and the prospect of the local council also going after the law firm for unprofessional legal practices.

It must also be noted that because Clyde and company still has not dispersed any estate proceeds after 9 long months and refused to give a statement of the estates accounts then rather than going after the Doctor they still have to send any backdated bills to Clyde and Co.



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