It’s not the case for Chester perhaps being the center of the probate scams it most deafeningly is the most prolific probate theft area in the UK.

Not only have recent reports shown countless mysterious deaths in the area but Hoole Road seems the most likely place in Chester to have the estate’s wealth being most likely subject to probate scams.

Take the area around 32 Hoole Road for example a property first controlled by one of Chester’s many probate law firms Bartletts (Liverpool) where P. Bartlett ran up a 100k care bill just in order to control the will’s.

He did this for 4 years before being forced to remove himself from the case but still managed to run up an 80k legal bill when the actual care bill was less than 10k beggars belief!

This is the same group of law firms that was finned several years earlier by the law regulators for scamming their clients and was fined 300k.

Why are law firms allowed to carry out probate work and why the SRA protects and utterly fail to regulate law firms that rack up huge legal work bills when in reality do no real legal work at all?

Then we come to the scarlet pimpernel and now missing in action the best so-called probate expert in the land Mr. James Beresford who replaced P. Bartlett by the North West of England head of the law society using a Hotmail account we kid you not.

Now that very same office claims it’s not our fault gov things have gone very wrong!

These people have no shame and probate scams that are on the rise and the people that can help families are the very ones making sure the scammers are allowed to practice so are they part of the problem are they on the same gravy train of acts of fraud?

We can only report what we find it’s up to the police and others to stop these actions but it looks like those that do these terrible acts are so well embedded into the system is difficult to get anyone to listen.

But that perception among the probate scammed community is changing fast and all the main probate actor’s jail terms are becoming a real prospect in the near future.

Let’s get back to 32 Hoole Road Chester 2 offers of £1m were rejected by the top probate lawyer in the UK.

Not only that he got a no-one Preston-based Surveyor to value a £1.2m at only 345k submitted that to a judge in Liverpool git caught red-handed admitted it was wrong and never ordered a local report and has now broken a Tomblin order od Dec 2019 for a minimum selling price of not less than 750K for wait for it, 490k on the 7th July 2022.

So the top legal 500 probate expert refuses 2 written offers of £1m and ends up selling it in a private (price fixing deal) for less than half that price, a great deal for friends of friends if your part of the gang turns out its the same buyer who has been trying to get this property from day one. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SCAM UP!

SDL Auctions claims legal fraud by stating they sold the property and now blaming Cavendish Residential in Chester where they stated they also sold the same property at the same time.

One thing is for sure if Bartlett or Beresford ever gets to be the executor of your family’s estates would your family trust them as it turns out their regulators are in the process of doing the right things now but too little too late?

But if we did give James any benefit of the doubt he did want out of the case 4 months after taking it on and since then no one knows where he is and he’s never turned up in any court he could be in cement for all we know but he did become a client of his own firm at BLM Law and now the merger law firm CLYDE and Co is representing this clown now.

So who really knows what they have on him at this point or the other way around, strange or what?

What is even stranger is the fact the courts and lawyers won’t release the statement of the estate’s accounts which by the way is meant to be a legal requirement!

It’s absolutely crazy how many probate actors are in the field to stop any actions legal or otherwise to commit probate and estate thefts from happening and this now requires an independent judicial review and not by any judge from a probate law background. 

Our investigation of Chester will continue till the whole truth and nothing but is laid to rest the probate fight carries on.




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