We at has formally asked the SDL Auctions marketing manageress for information after they released damming information from a FOI regarding 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

Dear E. it appears your giving your colleagues at SDL wrong and misleading information regarding Dr. Jones and it seems your all unaware this property had a Tomlin Order attached from Liverpool Dec 2019 that stated the property at 32 Hoole Road,  Chester CAN NOT BE SOLD FOR LESS THAN £750,000!

SDL one way or another failed to market the property for the correct price therefore rightly or wrongly they yet again damaged its footprint by marketing it for circa 500k, was you aware that this constitutes legal fraud E—-?

Are you further aware only one person that was legally authorised to sell this property and can you please confirm to Probate Scam who you or SDL thinks this is?

Are you also aware they are now posted as missing in action.

What SDL failed to inform you that the injunction against SDL the first time was not as clear cut as was told to you as the judge at the hearing stated clearly that if the property was sold by SDL at the time for less than the Tomlin order (which is a binding legal contract) SDL can be sued for the difference and given the seller refused 2 written offers of over £1m.

This was the main reason they pulled the plug on the deal at the time because the SDL marketing team never knew the wool was being pulled over their eyes by the selling agent and yet again its happened, it seems price fixing is still alive and well at SDL?

At least one of the smarter SDL managers noticed there was we quote something afoot here!

There is of course yet another problem for your client SDL was you further aware only Cavendish were allowed to sell it but they like SDL stated the property was sold before it actually was and by private sale which means to the casual looker, the entire thing stinks of PRICE FIXING and you have the cheek to worry about Dr Jones saying the truth about SDL.

At best you have all been hoodwinked by the selling agent, at worst there’s a better than good chance your all going to prison for legal fraud!

SDL has or should have this on file so we ask for an official press statement before we publish this open letter we request the following.

1/ Why did SDL NOT follow the Tomlin Order or was they not informed yet again that there was one in place?

2/ Who or what person in particular told you it was sold privately and at what price? Cavendish stated on their website 7 weeks ago that they sold it!

3/ Was you aware the selling agent is NOT currently insured to carry out this work when they instructed SDL the second time?

4/ Were you aware you had no legal right to market this property other than cavendish by order of Judge Hodge LIVERPOOL court?

You wrote this question to L–y. Wanted to flag to you from a compliance/legal point of
view – at what point does this become defamatory/libelous?

Your answer is NEVER  when the truth is told why do you think the selling agent has disappeared?

This letter will also be sent to all search engines and twitter compliance departments as Dr. Jones rights of reply.

PLEASE SEE THE SCREEN grab where SDL seems to be claiming legal fraud by means of getting a fee from the estate whether any work is actually carried out or not was you aware of this Ellie Claiming auction fees for no-work carried out?

Screen grab will be published if no reply from SDL is forthcoming in a timely manner (5 working days).

UPDATE – SDL read it passed to the directors of this discredited auction house and so-far refused to comment to probate Scam news desk.

If you have had any dealings good or bad on the above, we would love too here from you, please comment below?

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