We have suspected since late 2020 that James Beresford was no longer with BLM Law never-mind 2022 but this was certainly the case at the start of 2022.

James Edward Beresford is no longer a practising Solicitor who after a glorious career with Slater and Gordon got caught with his pants down (figure of speech)  and was some how told to commit an alleged probate fraud on a property at 32 Hoole Road, Chester.

After a few months in the job he wrote a letter to the main beneficiary claiming he was leaving the probate case there after HE became a client of the firm he was a partner in, we suspect it was all about BLM law still controlling the said probate file and in stepped Charlotte Pritchard and PCS Ltd.

Of course, until this morning we could not prove any of this in court but the document from the land registry changes everything and we only got that because of a law suit.

Lets explain in Probate Scam’s opinion how corrupt this is all becoming and when its next in court in London how many futures will be risked for so many being linked to the same case.

Clyde & Co merged with BLM law firm on the 28th March 2022 and before mid 2022 all the partners in the probate and estates department got sacked or otherwise including one James Edward Beresford.

At the beginning of July 2022 all the probate partners including James was gone and in any-case Beresford was NOT on their books and his email was bouncing back confirming he was no longer there.

So roll on till today it just amazes us how Clyde and Co just digs the hole ever deeper each time so here is a few rather puzzling screen captures just for our readers and no-doubt for the courts at some point in the future.

So here was the screen capture released last year and repeated this year.

James Edward Beresford not practicing law image.
The penny drops at last for poor James.







the Law Society confirms he is a goner image.
The Law Society confirms he is a goner image.


Then today we get this stonking document confirming all our fears on this alleged probate Scam case.

Here we have the only person NOT the firm, NOT Pritchard, Not even BLM Law in 2020, NOT PCS Ltd even though on the insurance doc it kind of stated that.

So just how a solicitor that was no-longer a partner of the Firm or even employed which in turn means Not insured to practice law within BLM law and was obviously NOT with anyone else CAN sign a legal document to legally transfer a property in England beyond us all???

Never seen so much lies on a land registry document image.
Never seen so much alleged lies on a land registry document image.


Then it gets really weird wonderful and so, so strange enter into the solicitors building in Salford comes one sole building contractor trader from not the area but 45 miles away in Chester less than 1 mile from 32 Hoole road that just happens to be there to be a witness for the said sale, what court in the land cant see that for what it is, conflict of interest. or perhaps Beresford Pritchard and the directors picked him out of yell.com. Yeh right on tommy!

The most unlikely property witness ever in English legal History image.
The most unlikely property witness ever in English legal History.



For a great laugh zoom into the alleged Beresford’s signature above.

Now look at this from 2021 alleged digital signed at BLM Law.

So here we have a clear case of alleged legal fraud how on earth does this ever so accommodating sole trader that just happens to be in Salford because it states that address on the land registry document unless that’s fraud as well manage to witness an electronic signature taking place?

They think we are all stupid or courts are dumb unless they know their kind of guys are corrupt!

James Beresford alleged digital signature image.
James Beresford alleged digital signature.

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