James Beresford EX BLM Law and now Clyde and Co run off with over 700k from selling the estate cheap at 32 Hoole Road Chester and have told none of the beneficiaries anything at all.

CLYDE and Company have defended their ex-partner at BLM Law stating he has done nothing wrong yet in court documents paid by one of the largest insurance leading legal eagles in the UK they won’t say where 700k has disappeared to or who holds the money.

They are welcome to release this information to Dr jones or the family of which includes the senior Chester police detective MA  who is owed a huge chunk of the money yet he has done nothing to help in the matter STRANGE OR WHAT?

Now we have the Chester MP who is married to a property solicitor who point blank refused to help in this alleged probate scam and had links to both local doctors that signed the deceased death certificate of Mrs. Mavis banks capital guest house fame in Chester and claimed at the inquest they never knew each other shows just how deep this case is and the fact MA controls the investigations of crimes against the elderly.

All this deserves a formal police investigation of children dying early yet no one in the area mentions a possible link to bio-mass practices that were highlighted for many years on various social media platforms.

If a member of the community stole 20k from another that person or persons would rightly be sent to jail yet if a solicitor steals 35 times that amount to the police just turning a blind eye shows how corrupt North West England has really become.

If you live in Chester and you have wealth and property sell and get out as quickly as you can before you and your families are the next targeted victims of probate scams and alleged property probate scams.

So the property was sold on the 7th of July 2022 the land registry acting very strange, the London court told it was a few months ago, or did Clyde and Co barrister lie?

Either way, James Beresford’s top legal 500 status gone for good, removed from STEP  has vanished and no one knows where over 700k has gone to and we know James reads this all the time so why not just come clean and clear your name if you do we will publish your entire side of the story, your choice?

4 Months after the property sale no estate proceeds have been released, and no probate/estate accounts HMRC refuses to comment, the land registry stated it was sold now won’t release any info at all and no information of any kind has been forwarded to the main beneficiaries at all, this looks and smells like a crime to us but we know this is happening all over the country.

Just when you thought this story can’t get even weirder the Royal Institute of Chartered surveyors the pillars of correct property valuations is still after over 2 years of investigating (top investigator) the Beresfords choice for evaluating under 650k less than the actual value showing how many fingers are in the probate scam pies.

Not much wonder why a year ago RICs lost all their top managers and directors proves their still as doggy now, does it not?

How can Clyde and Co defend against legal theft or fraud?




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